June 2013 Wish List: Dream Vacation

This issue’s theme is all about our dreams, so what better topic is there than our dream vacations?

My dream vacation is to be sipping pineapple daiquiris on a beach in Hawaii.

June 2013 Wish List

shirt / soy candle / ukulele / flip flops / bikini / necklace / resort / pillow / movie

Sometimes when I go on vacation, I’m running around like a crazy person trying to cram as many activities as I can into my days.

I actually return home more tired than when I left!

In my dream vacation in Hawaii, I’d take the opportunity to sloooooow down. I want to lounge by the water, read a good book (OK, a trashy book), enjoy a spa day, and hula dance at a luau under the stars.

Chris and I are saving money so we can make our dream Hawaiian vacation a reality. I can almost hear the ukulele music now…

What’s your dream vacation?

In the comments below, share your dream vacation and what you’re doing to make it possible.

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