June 2013 Wish List: Dream Vacation

This issue’s theme is all about our dreams, so what better topic is there than our dream vacations?

My dream vacation is to be sipping pineapple daiquiris on a beach in Hawaii.

June 2013 Wish List

shirt / soy candle / ukulele / flip flops / bikini / necklace / resort / pillow / movie

Sometimes when I go on vacation, I’m running around like a crazy person trying to cram as many activities as I can into my days.

I actually return home more tired than when I left!

In my dream vacation in Hawaii, I’d take the opportunity to sloooooow down. I want to lounge by the water, read a good book (OK, a trashy book), enjoy a spa day, and hula dance at a luau under the stars.

Chris and I are saving money so we can make our dream Hawaiian vacation a reality. I can almost hear the ukulele music now…

What’s your dream vacation?

In the comments below, share your dream vacation and what you’re doing to make it possible.

Share the sweetness!


    1. My dream vacation would be to spend a month in Italy at a secluded villa. I want to experience real Italian food, enjoy the beautiful scenery, slow down and just be.

      This has been a dream ever since I watched “Enchanted April”. I watch that movie over and over again. Sadly I must report I have done nothing to achieve this dream. Nothing at all.

      But now I’m thinking this would be a great opportunity for a romantic getaway with my Hubby. I could at least get pricing, start a savings account, etc.
      Great post.. thanks so much

    2. That is so funny and awesome that your dream vacation is Hawaii! As I mentioned the other day I share the same dream vacation with you! I’m taking steps to make it happen for my birthday next year (15 months!) and I’m so excited and motivated.

      My dream Hawaii vacation is to visit the island of Oahu. I want to do tons of hiking and exploring, check out the beautiful beaches and big wave surfers on the North Shore, take surf lessons in the smaller waves, go to the farmer’s markets and try all of the local produce… and also just sit my ass in that sand and soak it all in… along with a delightful island beverage ;) I want a good balance of activities/exploration and relaxation.

      I have made a plan to save for the trip (and have determined how much I need to save), already cut out frivolous spending and will be making a vision board as soon as I can get my hands on the materials :) Oh and I’ve started a fitness routine as well so I can actually make it through those hikes, ha!

      Awesome post Sage! So inspiring!

    3. I hope you’re able to go to Hawaii soon! We almost went there to elope and I really regret not doing so.

      My dream vacation is (surprise surprise) traveling in an Airstream around the country for at least a month. Going to Alaska in it would be terrific, too. We’re working on making all of that happen! :)


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