On Hold

Hi everyone.

I’ve been doing some soul-searching lately, and although it makes me sad, I’ve decided to put Sweet and Sage on hold. I’m unable to keep up with the magazine posting schedule and still have time for my life coaching business, Sage Grayson Coaching. I just launched a new program called “The Editor Session” that’s all about editing out the draining parts of your life. Unfortunately, I decided to cut Sweet and Sage out of my life, at least for now.

I am no longer accepting contributions, but who knows what the future will hold? I hope to return to Sweet and Sage sometime next year, perhaps in a completely new format.

It’s been a pleasure sharing sweet and sage advice with you, but I have to trust my heart…and it’s telling me to let Sweet and Sage go. I feel better about having more time for my business, but it’s still sad.

For now, you can find me at Sage Grayson Coaching doing my life coaching thang.

Thank you for your support. Remember, it’s your life…make it sweet!

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    1. I’m sorry to hear this, Sage, but completely understand. It sounds like you have more than enough on your plate right now and I’m very glad that it’s good stuff!

    2. I will miss these amazing posts but I also know all too well how draining it can be to be spread too thin. You know we will always be here to support you and we’ll be right there with you on your other site. I’m excited that your business is keeping you busy though! I know it’s hard to say goodbye to something that you put a lot of love, time and energy into but you need to go with your gut and your heart :) I’ll def see you over at the coaching site though!

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