Book Review: 31 Days of Creative Homemaking for the Modern Day Woman

Today I’m pleased to review a brand new ebook from blogger Ashley Urke, the Domestic Fashionista.

Ashley shares ideas for home décor, entertaining, and yummy meals on her blog, and she recently compiled her popular 31 Days series into a jam-packed resource, 31 Days of Creative Homemaking for the Modern Day Woman.

This nearly 100-page beautifully designed ebook showcases Ashley’s unique take on homemaking.

I consider myself a feminist, and I tend to bristle when I hear the terms homemaking or housewife. To me, they conjure up images of 1950s women who were expected to cook, clean, look pretty, and not much else.

But Ashley states that even if your job is someplace outside of your house, you can still call yourself a homemaker. She writes, “I believe that we all are homemakers in one way or another in the sense that we make our house a home.”

When they assert themselves as breadwinners and independent women, some modern ladies forget to take pride in their personal space. I love this line from the introduction to the book: “It is in making your home life a priority that I believe will lead to much peace, happiness, and contentment in your life. Lets take back our homes together.”

Really, Ashley’s book is a call to action, not a throwback to the past.

I especially loved the “behind the scenes” look inside the drawers of her buffet and hutch. The organization of her serving trays, mason jars, table cloths, canning supplies, plates, silverware, and accessories is pretty astounding. Makes me want to throw a party!

For those of you who can never come to a decision with your partner about what to make for dinner (“I don’t know…what do you want?”), you’ll enjoy the meal planning tips plus the sample menus you can steal for yourself. She even included some no-brainer slow cooker recipes.

One of the (many) things in this ebook that had me nodding my head as I read is the idea of making your bed every morning. I feel like it sets the tone for the whole day, and everything seems possible when your bed is in order. And who doesn’t love falling into a beautiful bed at the end of a long day?

Before you think that Ashley must be some kind of Superwoman or robot, she freely admits that she can’t do it all and constantly strives for balance. I also appreciate how she repeatedly writes that you must find the routines and systems that work for you and your household.

And she’s just like the rest of us and writes, “I would say my number one distraction to getting my household tasks done is the internet.” So true.

I thoroughly enjoyed Ashley’s ebook, and it definitely inspired my to get more creative with my own homemaking. Her approach is so fresh and inviting that it will certainly make you feel capable of creating your perfect home in your own special way.

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